Anil Somaia

biography - Canadian Photographer

​I’ve been doing Wildlife Photography since 2004.  The amount of patience and stamina involved has let me capture some magnificent pictures.  I switched over to taking personal photo shoots for friends and family and have now decided to take it to another level.  Lighting, the time of year, time of day and so many little factors play into a perfect picture.  I have so many ideas I want to capture and so have decided to make my passion a reality.

There's never a month that will benefit taking pictures over another month.  All four seasons offer a rarity that can paint a thousand words from a crisp winter morning to a warm summer day on the beach.  Lighting is my main focus as I have rescheduled on rainy days and rescheduled on sunny days.  The location of the photo shoot will determine what time of day I will take pictures.  Photography started as a hobby, became a passion and will end as a career path.


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